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Smile Freely with Custom Dentures in Munster, IN

At Compton & Broomhead, we understand the power of dentures. We believe that embarrassment or discomfort should never interfere with the quality of our patients’ lives and that each individual deserves to feel confident about his or her smile. Our dental experts are on hand to analyze which type of dentures are best suited to your needs, unlocking a new level of oral care.

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Who’s a good candidate for dentures in Munster?

When you’re missing natural teeth, everyday activities can suddenly become more burdensome. Eating may be uncomfortable and speaking can require additional effort, impacting the quality of your relationships and interactions. If you’re missing many teeth, your mouth can also begin to sag, adding unwanted years to your appearance. This is when you may want to consider dentures.

Don’t let missing teeth cause you to miss out on life.

Any individual with substantial tooth loss is a good candidate for dentures, given that he or she has a strong jawbone and healthy gums. Our team can easily determine whether dentures are right for you. Simply book a free dentures consultation and we’ll thoroughly assess the best solution to your smile concerns.

dentist discussing dentures Munster, IN with a patient

Are there different kinds of dentures?

We offer three different kinds of dentures based on an individual’s unique needs.

Conventional Dentures

After all of your natural teeth have been removed and the healing process is complete, these fully removable dentures are customized to fit your mouth and enhance your smile.

Immediate Dentures

The dentist will create a custom model of your teeth prior to your visit so that these removable dentures are ready to be worn on the same day. This way, you don’t have to be without teeth during the healing process.


In the event of partial teeth removal, an overdenture can be fitted over the remaining natural teeth, and implants. The removable overdenture fills the gaps and functions similarly to a dental implant.

Do dentures require extensive care?

At the beginning, you may experience a bit of soreness as you adapt to the new sensation of wearing your dentures. After a bit of time, they should start to feel natural and restore your smile-esteem. It’s important to maintain exemplary oral care by brushing your gums, tongue and the roof of your mouth every morning before putting in your dentures. This will stimulate the tissue, prevent plaque build up, and keep you on track for positive hygiene.

We’re here to provide guidance, answer questions and help you move into a new state of smile confidence. Contact us today or visit our Munster, IN office to schedule a consultation and find out whether dentures are right for you. We’ll help you take the transformative first step towards the power of a healthy smile.

Specialty Dentures

When it comes to missing teeth, every patient has a unique situation. At Compton & Broomhead, we provide individualized care and thorough attention to the state of your smile.

A complete and captivating smile is just one decision away.

Dentures are no one-size-fits-all scenario, but we assure you that our professional and friendly team can assess your grin and create the ideal specialty denture solution to fill the gaps. Specialty dentures give you all of the satisfaction of a complete smile with the flexibility of removal. Apart from giving you that aesthetically pleasing grin, they also help support your jaw, improve speech, and enhance eating abilities.

If you’re ready to implement dentures into your daily life, we’ll happily help you find the perfect fit for you. In the meantime, here are brief summaries of the most common types of specialty dentures to give you an idea of potential options.

A dentures Munster doctor shows a denture patient how dentures work by manipulating a denture model

What are specialty dentures?

Specialty dentures are removable replacement teeth that are catered to a patient’s unique smile. They’re more affordable than permanent implant options and still allow for the appearance of a full and healthy smile.

Partial removable dentures

If you’re missing most of your teeth, full removable dentures are the best solution for you. Modern advances in dental technology have made it possible to realize natural looking dentures that are comfortable for your everyday routine. Our local dentists will make a custom mold of your mouth and jaws. Then, they’ll fabricate a set of dentures catered to the shape of your smile in natural materials that will give you a complete and beautiful grin.

Full removable dentures

For patients with some healthy teeth remaining, partial dentures are a wonderful option. Similar to full dentures, a mold of your mouth will be made and the necessary partial denture structure will be customized to fit your mouth. Imperceptible metal clasps will help to lock the teeth in place, like the final puzzle piece of your perfect smile.

Denture Assimilation

After your removable denture is created, it may take a bit of time for the muscles of your mouth to adjust. Our caring and knowledgeable staff will fill you in on all the best practices to get acclimated to your new smile and keep it in ship shape.

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