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Tooth Extractions

Occasionally, a tooth extraction is the best method for preventing further infection and protecting your surrounding teeth. Whether it's a matter of tooth decay or the result of a dental emergency, our team knows exactly when tooth extractions are necessary for optimal oral health.

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When are tooth extractions necessary?

Although we do everything in our power to proactively keep your smile healthy, sometimes circumstances require that a tooth be removed by a tooth extraction procedure. When a tooth becomes damaged beyond repair or if a tooth is overcrowding the mouth, it may be necessary to remove it to spare surrounding teeth from subsequent harm.

Easy, professional extraction process

When it’s time for an extraction, our dental professionals ensure that your comfort comes first. We’ll thoroughly examine the affected tooth, taking x-rays of the area to understand the shape, position, and state of the surrounding bone. Then, we’ll give you a local anesthetic to make sure the removal is pain free and effortless. After the tooth has been removed, you’ll receive all of the proper tools to keep pain at a minimum and speed up your healing time.

After recovery, it may be necessary to fill in the affected area with a dental bridge, implant or dentures to restore your smile to its original state, while upholding your oral health.

A Compton and Broomhead dentist explains to a patient why a tooth extraction is needed

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