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Revitalize Your Smile in Munster, IN with Expert Scaling and Root Planing Services.

When you see your dentist reach for that shiny metal hooked instrument, you may feel a shiver run up your spine, but this is all part of the deep cleaning process. A big aspect of going to the dentist is proactively preventing gum disease, and one of the ways our expert team is able to do so is through scaling and root planing.

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Renew Your Smile with Professional Scaling and Root Planing

Is plaque and tartar buildup dulling the brilliance of your smile? Take the first step toward transformation with scaling and root planing in Munster, IN.

This deep cleaning treatment removes those tenacious deposits along your gumline and beneath the gums. Our experts use specialized tools and techniques to thoroughly yet gently reveal the beautiful, healthy teeth underneath.

You’ll also benefit from meticulous smoothing and polishing of your tooth surfaces afterward. This fosters improved gum health and natural whitening by getting rid of discoloration.

We understand this process can cause some sensitivity. That's why we offer anesthetics to maximize your comfort. With some numbing gel, you can relax through the rejuvenation.

When all is said and done, scaling and root planing helps you achieve:

  • Reduced plaque buildup and gingivitis
  • Decreased risk of infection and tooth decay
  • Improved oral hygiene and bad breath
  • Protection for dental work like crowns or bridges
  • Increased brightness and lustre of your smile

This simple treatment packs a powerful restorative punch when performed regularly. You’ll leave our office with cleaner teeth and healthier gums ready to show off your radiant smile.

Does scaling and root planing sound like the right solution for your oral care needs? Our knowledgeable dentists are happy to consult and find the ideal treatment plan for your goals.

Together, we'll get your smile looking and feeling its very best!

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