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Lasting Protection Against Cavities with Dental Sealants in Munster, IN

When you want to keep something safe - your money, a letter, a secret - you seal your bag, the envelope, your lips. The same protective treatment can be applied to your teeth with the power of dental sealants.

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Dental Sealants: Your Shield Against Decay

As their name suggests, dental Sealants are thin coatings, typically made of plastic or other dental materials, that adhere to the teeth. They act as a protective barrier or seal, effectively preventing decay by keeping plaque and food particles out of the hard-to-reach grooves in the back teeth. Easy to apply, sealants offer an excellent method of protection, especially for those hard-to-clean molar areas.

Ideal Candidates for Dental Sealants

Sealants are most beneficial for children and teenagers who have recently had their adult molars come in, providing them with added protection against cavities - a real advantage, particularly during those candy-filled Halloween seasons. Adults without fillings in their molars can also greatly benefit from sealants, adding an extra layer of defense in their dental care routine.

The Sealant Procedure in Munster, IN

In our Munster, IN clinic, the process of applying sealants is quick and straightforward. Each tooth designated for a sealant receives thorough cleaning and drying. We then use cotton or a similar drying material to isolate the tooth, followed by an acid solution application to roughen the surface for better bonding. After rinsing and drying the tooth again, the sealant is carefully painted onto the enamel, creating a strong bond that provides long-lasting protection. This simple, yet effective procedure is a cornerstone of our preventative dental care in Munster, ensuring our patients maintain their best oral health.

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