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Occasionally, the jawbone may recede or have sustained damage, making subsequent dental restorations like bridges and implants difficult to perform. Because these procedures require a strong foundation, bone grafting may be necessary to bring the jawbone volume back up to a certain level.

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What are bone grafts?

Bone grafting is a procedure used to increase the height and width of the jawbone, remedying any defects and laying a strong foundation for healthy teeth. Bone grafting stabilizes the jaw and provides additional support for subsequent restorative procedures. It also helps prevent bone recession after periodontal disease, a bone extraction or a similar process.

What causes jawbone damage?

Your jawbone can recede in height, depth and width for a number of reasons. Periodontal disease, tooth extractions or infections can all negatively affect jawbone volume. Injuries, such as a blow to the jaw, can also damage the bone.

How do I know if I need bone grafts?

Your dentist will give you a thorough oral examination in order to assess the state of your jaw, teeth and gums. Panoramic x-rays will help identify the depth and width of the existing bone. Sometimes a CAT scan may be necessary as well. After these x-rays are taken, your dentist may also anesthetize the area and explore the gums to ascertain what type and how much bone is required.

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What’s the bone graft procedure like?

The procedure can take several months to complete. Bone is typically harvested from your own body (from the lower jaw or chin) although sometimes synthetic bone or cow bone is used. During surgery, your dentist numbs the grafting and extraction areas with a local anesthetic. Then, a small incision is made to allow for the new bone, which is anchored into place. Occasionally, a synthetic membrane is used to cover the new bone, preventing soft tissue and bacterial invasions.

After the procedure, your dentist will prescribe medications to prevent swelling or discomfort. You won’t be required to stay overnight and will be given all of the resources you need for a quick and easy recovery.

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